Conscious Discipline

At St. Matthew’s, we are a School Family. Our family is made up of children, teachers, staff, and parents all working together to make St. Matthew’s a safe, nurturing place to create, explore, express, and grow. At school, we use an approach called Conscious Discipline to help us strengthen our school family.

The underlying principle behind Conscious Discipline is that discipline is “something we seek to instill in children, not do to children.” By creating a strong community where common routines, rituals, and language are used throughout the school, our children feel connected and safe so they are free to explore the world around them and build relationships with others. We give them tools to self-regulate frustration and upset, as well as to notice acts of kindness and helpfulness in others.

Conscious Discipline is research based and incorporates best practices in early-childhood education. For more information, please visit the website:

Concious Discipline