Why St. Matthew's

Why St. Matthew's?

“St. Matthew’s has been such a wonderful blessing for our family. We have had our three children attend and I cannot say enough about the teachers, staff and parental community. We have seen growth in our children that not only includes academic success, but an immense growth in spirituality, social well-being and a great sense of belonging. It’s a welcoming atmosphere that we highly recommend to any family.”
~Kinder and 2’s Parent

“St. Matthews Day school is an amazing place for a child to grow and learn. The teachers and the curriculum are excellent and it has a wonderful family atmosphere. They not only teach your children what they need to know to be successful in grade school but give the children confidence and a love of learning for life.”
~Pre-K Parent

“We feel very lucky to have found St. Matthews. The loving, supportive environment, great facilities and excellent, dedicated teachers have given our son a wonderful head start on his education and socialization. We have made a number of good friends among the parents and the St. Matthews “community” experience has been terrific. We plan to enroll our younger son as soon as he is old enough to “follow his big brother” through St. Matt’s.”
~Pre-K Parent

“St. Matthew’s is an amazing place where two of our girls have thrived under the nurturing care of teachers and administrators who have provided them with a solid foundation of spiritual and educational development. We anxiously look forward to sending our third child to St. Matt’s when she is of age so that she may benefit from the same experience.”
~Kindergarten and 3’s Parent

“We chose St. Matthew’s Day School because we heard nothing but exemplary comments and rave reviews from many of our friends and neighbors alike. I must join those parents and shout with a megaphone that “St Matt’s is absolutely spectacular, in all regards!” Our oldest, a graduate of St. Matt’s, relishes when walking into the school with fond, fun, warm memories. He loved his experience at St. Matthew’s almost as much as we loved having him there! His brothers, current students at St. Matt’s, are enjoying making warm memories of their own. From the curriculum they teach, in a warm and loving environment, to the well rounded and enjoyable parental involvement you seek, your children will truly grow happily before your eyes! St. Matthew’s is a fantastic school and I highly recommend it to all.”
~3’s Parent

“Our family has been a part of the St. Matthews family for four years now, with another child coming in the fall. We couldn’t be happier with the level of teacher dedication, development of character and spiritual nurturing and academic growth. Every year, every teacher has been wonderful.”
~Pre-K and 2’s Parent