Our School Family

Special Subjects


The children at St. Matthew’s go to music class to learn new songs, explore rhythms and have lots of fun! They sing, dance, and play a wide variety of musical instruments. The music curriculum incorporates the thematic units the children are learning about in their classrooms. The children also learn chapel songs and prepare for various musical performances throughout the year.

Fun & Fitness

The students of St. Matthew’s absolutely love participating in movement classes, which are geared toward strengthening the child’s gross motor skills and coordination. The class incorporates a variety of sports, games, and equipment, which allow children the opportunity to actively explore movement.


All of the children at St. Matthew’s love going to the Library for stories, puppet shows and checking out books. Our collection continues to grow through the support of our birthday book program.


Our Pre-K and Kindergarten students have fun learning Spanish vocabulary through songs, games, and other fun activities. They are also exposed to the wide diversity of cultures in the Spanish speaking world. Spanish at St. Matthew’s is a playful introduction to the Spanish language, culture and customs.