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Pre-Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth and discovery. Children continue to build on cognitive and social skills, while becoming increasingly excited to learn about the world around them. The curriculum is designed to promote the child’s total development. Integrated into our diverse units of study are activities and learning experiences that give each child the opportunity to grow in all areas: social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive.

With the expansion of our literacy and handwriting curriculum programs, Pre-Kindergarteners begin examining written language in preparation for reading. Subject areas such as math, science, social studies, and literacy are integrated into thematic units that enable 4’s and young 5’s to make connections with previous experiences and classroom learning.

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is enriched by a variety of special subjects. Students enjoy learning Spanish as well as Music, Fun & Fitness, Library and Chapel.

School for Pre-Kindergarteners arrival begins at 8:50 AM and dismisses at 1:00 PM. Students may attend either 4 days (T-F) or 5 days a week. There is optional after school enrichment until 2:00/ 2:30. Each class has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.