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Kindergarten, finds our students on the exciting journey of lifelong learning, and our program sets the framework for a succesful journey. Children experience an integrated approach that blends phonics, sight-reading, writing, math, hands-on science experiments and social studies. Kindergartners learn to be responsible problem-solvers, encouraged to think outside the box and strengthen their capacity for creative thinking. Our Kindergarten is built on a strong academic foundation. Language development and math concepts are included in every area of the program. Reading and writing are taught hand in hand, allowing children to express what they know about the world around them and to grow in confidence in both areas. Thematic units focusing on social studies and science provide the framework for practical reading, writing, and math lessons, as well being lots of fun! Learning is not confined to the classroom. Field trips into the community offer opportunities to discover that there are wonderful things to explore all around us, and you won’t want to miss their big musical performance in the spring!

Our Kindergarten curriculum is enriched by a variety of special subjects. Students enjoy learning Spanish, as well as Music, Fun & Fitness, Library and Chapel.

School for Kindergartners arrival begins at 8:50 AM and dismisses at 2:30 PM. The class has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.