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Chapel at St. Matthew's

The St. Matthew’s Episcopal Day School community gathers for age-appropriate chapel services twice a week. Our chapel service is based on the service of Morning Prayer found in the Book of Common Prayer but is presented in a playful manner that touches the hearts and minds of young children. Clergy from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and members of our faculty lead the services. The children are also active participants. Kindergarteners serve as acolytes and each class chooses a day to help act out the Bible story– complete with costumes and props! Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us for chapel.

It is our desire to raise up children who have “an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love God, and the feeling of joy and wonder in all His works.”
Children are presented opportunities to move toward these goals through:
  • attendance and participation in Chapel services
  • daily prayer, including grace at mealtimes
  • exploration of God’s presence in the world around them
  • observation of adult role models responding both to God and to others in Godly ways in their daily lives
  • service and giving to others through our birthday coin collection, weekly canned food collection, and other seasonal giving opportunities